What Should Be Noted In The Production,transport And Storage Of Steel Pipe

The production, transport, storage and protection measures of steel pipe

Steel production should be earlier than construction plan, pipe manufacturers must arrange for permanent staff in the field to coordinate the production and supply of steel and timely notice of the steel production, to ensure that on-site supply of steel pipe.

18m long steel transport using a dedicated special transport trailer, the trailer pad 100mm × 200mm wooden, wooden capped with rubber cushion or grass bag, thickness not less than 10mm, width of not less than 300mm, foreshadowing a rubber band between the two layers of steel or fine soil bags. During transport, the pipe must be securely lashing against the roller tube and exit pipe phenomenon, tied using special sling.

Pipe in the whole process of lifting, transportation and stacking, keep the nozzle remain intact and not damaged. Manufacturers use the cross on the nozzle for fixing protection against pipe deformation. Steel stacking space should be smooth and firm, when stacking two spacing 4-8m should underlying sleepers. (Section 300×300mm), the sandbags or fine soil should be fitted between the sleeper bag and anti-corrosion pipe. Heap on the edge of the tube should be fixed wedge wood sleepers, prevent the tube from slipping.

When uninstalling pipe, promptly check the condition of the steel pipe with the pipe manufacturers, for the nozzle and the coating damaged condition, make a record on the pipe manufacturer receiving book, and the manufacturers promptly arrange for repair. For substandard quality, such as damage is more serious, severe deformation of steel pipe should not be accepted.

When loading and unloading, you should use special tools iron pipe hanging pole, wire rope, 5T lifting belt and the like. 4 equidistant sling wrapped around the pipe, iron pole through the ropes and hooks, and connecting to the sling, and finally lifting the pipe. Absolutely the direct use of the rope to prevent damage to the nozzle is not allowed and pay attention that when handling between the tubes can not collide with each other, scratching.

According to the completion of the base pipe trench excavation, along the pipeline to uninstall the steel pipe to the exact location at the site one by one, with the tube with a bag of soil paving equipment. What should be noted is to control pipe length the same as the trench length, to avoid the tube missing and the extra tube, leading to filling tubes and pipette. Pipeline transport tube piping is done once, to avoid secondary transport. In the road, crossing rivers and other sites, set up the pipe stack space, paving the tubes used to hold soil bags.

In trench along the uneven areas, to push the flat space, easy for the on-site piping welding.

Secondary transport machinery of the steel pipe is retrofitted based on the existing trailer, and welded frame extended to 16m.

Above all are applicable for both seamless steel pipe, erw steel pipe and welded steel pipe for your reference.

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