Say It With An Edible Chocolate Greeting Card

We’ve all been there. You want to send someone a greeting card for their birthday, wedding or baby’s birth. Perhaps you just want to say thank you to someone or tell them how special they are to you. Then it hits you as you’re going through the hundreds of greeting cards – you want to give something that is special and unique!

The Perfect Gift and Thank You Rolled into One

For many of us, it’s always a problem choosing the right gift. Is it too expensive or too cheap? Will they like it or hate it? Do they need it or will it go straight into a drawer or perhaps even to the tip? Well, chocolate hits the spot and rings all the right bells with almost everybody. After all, how many people do you know whose toes don’t curl up when they slowly devour a bar of fine chocolate?

Many chocolate suppliers have the perfect solution – edible chocolate cards and personalised chocolates.

Edible Chocolate Greeting Cards

So many greeting cards are much the same: mass-produced cardboard and mass-produced poetry, often quite trite, dull and devoid of anything that is personal or reflects your true feelings and personality.

Now it’s possible to send a truly unique card that you can personalise with your own words and picture. What’s more, your card will not only go straight to the heart of whomever receives it, but also give its recipient a warm feeling as they nibble away on your edible card made out of fine quality chocolate.

Chocolate suppliers now offer an ever-increasing range of chocolate greeting cards or personalised chocolates from manufacturers such as Meybona, Scottish Chocmotif and many others.

Companies such as chocolate suppliers hf Chocolates can supply chocolates for a special occasion with a special personalised wrapper. Or custom bonbons, with each piece of chocolate decorated with a letter so that you can spell out your message in dozens of different flavours.

Remember that old custom of picking the petals off of a flower? “She loves me; she loves me not…” Now you can do the same thing but with a selection of fine, personalised chocolates that spell out your own special message – just make sure it ends on the right note – “she loves me…!”

A Piece of Advice

Some companies now advertise edible greetings cards. If they don’t say that their cards are made from chocolate, then don’t assume that they are. Some edible “cards” that are just slightly thicker than a piece of paper can be made from a mixture of potato starch, palm oil, fruit extract, food colouring, and other ingredients. Make sure the recipient of your chocolate card is getting the real thing!

Angelina Moufftard works for hf Chocolates, established chocolate suppliers with decades of experience supplying sweets and high-end chocolates to retailers across the UK. Working with the most dedicated suppliers from France, Spain, Germany, Holland, Belgium, the USA and the UK, hf Chocolates’ great tasting and beautifully packaged products add panache to any sweet display.

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