Most Confusing Flags in the World

Mostly national flags have immense significances representing for different cultures all over the world. Moreover, its meaning includes the country’s desire. The following flags, however, message weird purposes like advertising or signaling that make us confused.


Fryslan (Netherlands)

As a region of “Tulip country”, Fryslan owns an official flag that surprises anyone with seven red heart-shaped patterns. Crazy fans of Frisian football club was proud of such self-designed flag.

Maybe it is a favorite choice for school-girls to decorate the bedroom wall than a flag.


Isle of Man

The flag of the Isle of Man with “three bent human legs”, Triskelion, expresses strength and life balance equivalent to three interlocked spirals.


The North Caucasian Emirate, Russia

Smiley flag is an interesting idea from North Caucasian in 1918 – 1921.



One of the coolest flag ever may belong to Libya. Green is the only color and characteristics in the national flag which was officially adopted on November 11, 1977.


An AK-47 is a unique image on flag of Mozambique, which is the most notable one in the world thanks to a modern weapon.


Benin Empire

The Benin Empire ended in 1897. Its flag was exclusive with an unusual image of a fierce battle like a keep-off sign to warn their enemy.



In the middle of the fag, some people think of a tourism symbol rather than an island’s. A local vessel and a palm tree in freshly ocean air left someone confused.

Guam’s flag was designed on February 9, 1948.



Maybe a complicated meaning in religion, or astral movement is imbebded in this flag. Until now, there are plenty of assumptions around its message.

The symbol is called camunian rose in Italian as a modern invention.



Three main colors: the red for war, the blue for peace, the yellow for the resources of this country are said to be creatively matched.



Image in the middle of the flag is not a tennis ball but a yellow sun with 40 spaced rays symbolizing peace and wealth.



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