Manufacturers And Retailers And How They Are Affected By Plastic Bag Bans

In the production of any commercial product, greenhouse gases are produced and these are sometimes referred to as the carbon footprint of the said product.  For plastic bags, aside from the greenhouse gases produced during the production, we also have to contend with the fact that these are not biodegradable.  This means that they would forever be left in our ecosystems inflicting immeasurable damage to flora and fauna alike.

Because of the negative aspects of using plastic bags, many groups of people have been clamoring for the ban or at least reduction in its use.  As a result of massive lobbying and because of the evidences, several cities around the world have already enacted laws to target the use of plastic bags.  Some of these are designed to discourage the use of the said containers by imposing tax on its use and manufacture.  Some are very strict that the use of plastic bag is banned.

The banning of the use of plastic bags though is still not very widespread.  There are after all people who are against the ban.  One of the biggest reasons why they are against the ban is that it would force manufacturers and retailers to use more paper shopping bags.  This would mean increasing the number of trees being felled as these are the raw materials in the manufacturing of paper.

While these contrasting groups are lobbying, businesses should take a good look at the situation to assess what is the best move they can make moving forward with relation to the use of plastic bags.  If your company is operating in a city where there is a ban or a planned ban on the use of plastics, then you have to move quickly to make sure that you comply with the law.

On the other hand, if your business is not yet affected in any way, you would have two choices.  First is to continue the use of plastic bags.  The second is to make a gradual switch to a more eco-friendly retail packaging solution.  The beauty of the second option is that you would have a good idea how changing to a more eco-friendly solution can affect your business in terms of sale and building brand awareness.

It is not recommended that you just play the wait-and-see card.  You might be safe right now with using plastic bags, you do not want to be too slow to implement a change in case a law banning plastics is passed in your area.



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