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Remember quicksilver`s basement from days of future past? Want to start carding and store bulks of your favorite products? If you do then there is some good news, you don`t need as fast as him to do that. Just a couple of skills and tactics will be enough. Online carding, we all have heard stories about it, isn`t something only a rocket scientist can pull off. Yes if you roll up your sleeves and research well. You will be happy from the results.

Online carding is not something to fuss about, if you use your resources well. You will be surprised by the results. Yes, it`s not something impossible neither a piece of cake. It needs careful consideration and determination. So don`t just expect you can pull of such job by reading one article only. You need to research well before even taking the first step.

Something for Starters

First you need to start with a website which has weak layout. Weak layout means weak security which can be easily carded. Now you should focus on using Amex or Discover. These cards come with a bit less chargeback. The irony is most merchant don`t even care to verify these cards. One last thing before moving on, never card to an online store from your own country.

Setting your own targets

If you are not living in Stone-age, you might as well have noticed Ebay, Amazon and Newegg are trusted online retailers. Speaking about Ebay, it doesn`t use instant paying services. It comes with paying services such as PayPal. Such websites accept every type of credit card from all regions of world. As Ebay is not a typical online retailer and instead an online auction site, it attracts people from all over the world. In fact, this is one of the most visited shopping websites. The credit goes to its wide array of goods and price tags. Its prices can be even lower than in store prices. The question here is how you can contact seller and arrange fraudulent deals.

Connecting with the Seller

In order to connect with the seller, you are going to need an Ebay account. This means registering at EBay without using any real information. EBay asks for credit card and when they match the both addresses, things might get a little rough. Therefore, only provide such information when you have obtained credit information. Besides that, when you are ready to card! Refer to ATNSquad reviews for more details.

Just use a valid email address as you need to confirm registration. Don`t create it with any real information. Now you can contact seller on EBay. To improve your communication skills for such job, learn more about ATNSquad deals. When trying to contact the seller, say the following


My name is (mentioned in email address) and I am from (website`s region)

I am interested to buy this

I will pay it with PayPal however I am buying it as a gift for my cousin in (anywhere outside website`s region)

Let me know if you can gift wrap with estimated cost of 1-2 day delivery. Kindly reply me the total cost along with your PayPal address.

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