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Over a considerable percentage of students are scoring poor marks in mathematics. Despite the fact to obtain good numbers in other subjects a much lesser marks in mathematics are becoming the reason of overall reduced percentage of marks. While mathematics is the only subject that can help him to crash all his previous records.  Specific reasons are responsible for the poor performance in this subject over the years and now it is the high time to rectify yourself. Please look into the following points and try to follow 


Throughout the year


Attend class everyday

Attending class regularly is very important. Keep in mind that mathematics makes a difference with the other subject in a distinct place. Missing a mathematics class will back you one step. In fact mathematic is a type of ladder where you are to step in every stair to climb up. As you miss one stair you will find a gap. Missing of too many classes is just dangerous.

Concentrate in your studies

Particularly mathematics needs the topmost concentration. Since it is mainly numerical calculation oriented subject hence the less concentration you pay, more is the chance of mistakes. So from the beginning pay more attention in mathematics practice session.

Homework and practice

Do your homework daily. Whatever homework is given by the teacher has a great value and as your practice your homework if any problem raises you can consult the same with your teacher. Please do not keep it pending.

Review your mistakes with full care

This is a very important habit that you are to develop within yourself. Do you check your class work or home work, whatever mistakes are corrected by the teacher? If you do not check your mistakes the scrutiny of your teacher becomes useless. Checking will help you to learn to avoid that mistake in future.

More Practice, more perfect

This is an all time myth for mathematics. The more you cultivate, the more you learn. Practice makes you perfect.

Consult your problem with teacher

Whatever problems you have talk to the teacher if needed repeatedly. Ultimately you will feel good when your teacher will congratulate you for obtaining good marks.


At the examination hall


How to solve your Question Paper

As you get your question paper in hand go through that promptly and carefully. Evaluate which sums you can solve. Do not start with a harder one at the beginning. Keep it to solve at last.

Do a neat work

In mathematics more mistakes occurs due to our untidy work. Please mind whatever rough you make on your answer sheet that should also be neat and clean. This will help you to make less number of mistakes.

Recheck your Answer Sheet

As all your answers are over recheck your mathematics paper with full concentration. Please remember, this is the final time to check your sheet.


Follow the above, not from tomorrow but today and find how these are helping you. 

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