How To Hang Up A Canvas Print

There is a few different ways you can hang up a canvas print and there is some different methods that can be used to be able to capture the best position to hang your canvas in to benefit the most.

Firstly if you have a small canvas print for your home and you want to get it hung up fairly fast then the old fashioned hammer and nail trick would be just as good as going out and purchasing the fitting to hang it up correctly. Simply line up the canvas photo print to wear you want it to hang. Mark with a pen was you want the nail to go. Hammer the nail in to the wall and then simply rest the frame of the canvas print over the nail and there you have it, a hung canvas photo print on your wall. This is the most practical way of doing it.

One really good way to hang your canvas prints so that they are very secure would be to get some mirrored plates. You can find mirrored plates at a few different convenient stores or you can search online to find them, they are very cheap and are so much better in terms of being safe to hang up your canvas artwork. You can put the plates on the inside of your canvas print from so that no one sees them or you can fix them on the outside which makes it easier when hanging them up but the down side to this is that every one canvas the plates so it’s not so much easier on the eye. The choice there would really be your opinion but if you want it would be safer then the best option would be to hang it on the outside, but of course it would look better hidden.

Another method to hanging up your canvas printing masterpiece would be to use some wire. Wire is so cheap. It’s basically pence to buy and you can get it from anywhere. You basically attach the wire from one end of the canvas print to the other and then hammer a nail in to your wall and then drop the wire over the nail, that’s all there is to it but the only thing with doing that is yu will be forever adjusting the canvas trying to make it straight so that only way around this would be to add hooks to it to keep it straight.

In an ideal world canvas printing companies would supply your with hanging kits with your canvas print for you to hang with ease rather than having to go out and purchase some canvas hooks for you print that you have just bought. Some canvas prints business do actually offer free kits with their product and offer an option to order more if needed so that’s something that is also very useful.

So we have covered a few different ways to go about hanging your canvas print. Only you can decide which one would be best for you, the main thing to cover here is safety and with hanging anything on a wall 99.9% of the time just using a nail to rest the canvas print on is safe enough but if you want to be extra secure then get some of those mirrored plates as they are really great at fixing the canvas to the wall so it doesn’t move an inch.

by Andrew Bourke

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