Greed Is Alright

The online Dictionary state Ambition as: – “An earnest desire for some type of achievement or distinction, as power, honor, fame, or wealth, and the willingness to strive for its attainment”.

“Greed means avid desire for gain or wealth, intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth, power (unless some other application is indicated) and is definitely uncomplimentary in implication”. – Dictionary

Greed and Ambition are the same and there is no mistake. There are those who will try to convenience others that they are exactly the opposite, however, this concept is far from the truth. Their arguments are that Ambition is just a desire to get ahead in life while greed is wanting more and more and cannot be satisfied. They are just making rationalize of Ambition by giving it another name and try to make it appear as if they are of a different nature, but they are really the one and same. The word Ambition sounds, a bit nicer or upper class than the word Greed, and they are interchangeable.

Ambition with its desire and drive for success and attainment is considered a positive emotion and mental concept by many in various fields of endeavors, but a person who is overly ambitious is seen as a Greedy bastard as well. Then again, it is also said that an Ambitious person know when to quit when they are ahead while a Greedy person is unable to stop. This kind of argument is just true, because even a Greedy person can be calculative and plan, while they may seem to have applied the brake which is temporary step away from their attainment, but as soon as they sense that the time is right, they forge ahead and achieve their goals. So before you know it the Greedy Bastard or Ambitious Person has attained their goals.

The character of an Ambitious person is no different from a Greedy one, because they speak the same language and apply the same principles and clothes themselves with the same personalities to attain their goals. Here are a few traits that can be associated with the Ambitious or Greedy Bastard.

• They are domineering and try to control others or to be in control of the majority of their situation or circumstance.

• Arrogant by acting as if they are more important than others, because they consider themselves Eagles in the presence of worms.

• Temperamental with mood swings that seem to change at the drop of a pin. We may engage with such persons on friendly terms outside the work environment, but as soon as they are seated behind their office desk, you wonder out loud, who is this?

• Conceited by declaring that they are number one and the best in the world, nothing is wrong with that because it is good to have a high opinion of oneself but not to make others feel like they are the lowest form of creatures.

• Condescending is showing that they believe they are more intelligent or better than other people or displaying a superior attitude includes looking down on others.

Both the Greed and Ambitious persons will take advantage of others to achieve their end or attainment in life because on the way up the ladder those in the way have to be stepped on and trampled under their feet all because they believe they deserves to have a more prestigious lifestyle than others. This form of greedy natures would cancel each other out. Many would argue that due to competition in the business corporation world, Ambition is not seen as Greed because of competition for top spots and to prove one capability to get difficult jobs or project assignment done.

For example, during the Global Financial crisis from 2007 to 2008, the Banks and other Financial Sectors took advantage of the situation by bankrupting many businesses and left many homeless. Scandals of the manipulations of interest rates, frauds were the order of the day, traders losing millions and other financial sleight of hand Razzle dazzle. Evidence, that the financial culture encourages dishonest behavior, when it comes to the ethics of finance. So was it Ambition or Greed in action? If you say Greed then you mean Ambition or vice versa.

Greed is known as a sin by many religious persons and they are right then again so is ambition, but one need to take in consideration that as human it is our nature. Suppose Greed did not exist, where would mankind be today? It is because of our Greed for knowledge that enables us to strive for progress and improvement in our environment that the world is such a great place as it is today. Without Greed there would be no motivation and it is what enables us to reach the height of our civilization. Greed is not just about acquiring much gold and silver or more knowledge, because Greed takes many forms. Greed or Ambition or whatever you wish to call it, is alright in my opinion because this emotion enables us to acquire success and all that is good include working our way up the top of the ladder and it enable us to strive forward and live.

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