FAQ For Mobile VPN Users

A virtual private network, or VPN, is a service that allows users to connect to the Internet securely from remote locations. These services use packets of encrypted data and authentication to secure a user’s personal data. Mobile VPN is a service frequently used by businesses whose employees are on-the-go. It works with portable devices such as cellular phones, tablets and laptops and allows users to securely access the Internet.

Are there drawbacks to using a mobile VPN?
Mobile VPN does present some challenges. In order to access networks, including roaming networks, users may occasionally experience brief offline moments between connections. The mobile VPN will have to be authenticated at each connection point. Because of this, users who are moving while using a mobile VPN may experience delays. That being said, mobile VPNs allow users to maintain their connections on high latency networks. Their connection remains more stable and allows greater efficiency in communications.

How does a mobile VPN work?
Like a traditional VPN, a mobile VPN will encrypt a user’s data and securely transmit it to and from the user’s device. Even as the user’s connection point changes, it transparently handles the necessary network transitions.

Who should use a mobile VPN?
Mobile VPNs are commonly used in hospital settings, field service management, public safety, home care, utilities and other industries where connectivity while traveling is essential. White-collar workers and frequent business travelers are increasing use of this service as well.

Frequent travelers will greatly benefit from the use of a mobile VPN service. Mobile-device users have an increased risk of their information intercepted when transmitted across the Internet because they are doing so over unsecured connections. These can include public wireless connections in hotels, airports and Internet cafs. A mobile VPN will eliminate this risk keep sensitive information secured. Even very sensitive and classified information can be securely transmitted from a user’s portable device. This is particularly useful for users who are travelling for business and need to transmit important data.

Where can a mobile VPN be used?
Mobile VPNs can be used anywhere in the world where cellular or wireless Internet connections are available.

Is mobile VPN expensive?
Most business owners are wary about paying an additional fee for a mobile service. Mobile VPN, however, should not be looked at as a bill, but instead an investment. For businesses, a mobile VPN presents cost savings in the form of increased productivity and efficiency as employees can continue working and communicating securely while traveling. They also protect against potential losses if business-critical assets are compromised online.

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