a Surgical Procedure to Reshape the Nose

With facial plastic surgery, altering facial features for the enhancement of the overall appearance of the face is possible. Sometimes, existing problems related to function can be corrected apart from correcting the appearance. ‘Nose job,’ also known as rhinoplasty, is one of such procedures that serve both functional and cosmetic purposes. With rhinoplasty, reshaping the nose surgically is possible. Even breathing problems can be corrected. This procedure is offered at select plastic surgery centers in the US.

What Is Rhinoplasty?

A bent or a crooked nose can be straightened with ease with this surgical procedure. Even the size of the nose can be increased or reduced. The nose is restructured and reshaped in order to maintain the facial symmetry. During this procedure of plastic surgery, the surgeon can easily address a bulbous tip, as well as a narrow or a wide dorsum. The breathing function can be enhanced and structural flaws of the nose such as a deviated septum can be corrected.

A Symmetrical Nose Can Be Attained

Rhinoplasty can be performed in conjunction with septoplasty. Through this procedure, the septum of the nose is effectively addressed. Aesthetical as well as medical benefits can be achieved with changes or corrections that are made to the septum. Breathing difficulties can also be alleviated as the septum in the nasal passage is correctly aligned. A pleasing dorsal aesthetic line can also be achieved. A harmonious appearance is provided between the forehead and the nasal tip. This surgery can be performed for removing bumps, reducing or elongating the nose and rectifying a bulbous tip or a crooked nasal bridge. Since changes are made to the contour and shape of the nose, a symmetrical nose can be attained and significant difference can be brought about in the appearance of a person. Closed and open approaches are the techniques that plastic surgeons employ for rhinoplasty. The surgery is now more effective, gentler and safer. Depending on the expectations and goals of a person, customized results can be obtained. Minimal bruising and swelling is normal after this procedure. Oral medications may be prescribed by the surgeon and therefore, a complete and speedy recovery is possible.

Improved Facial Appearance and Improved Self Esteem

With rhinoplasty, a more refined facial profile and nose can be achieved. This increases the self confidence and self esteem of a person. However, an experienced and skilled plastic surgeon should be consulted for this procedure. This will help in ensuring natural looking as well as flawless results.

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