What Is Hybrid Learning and What Are the Advantages?

Why Not Blend?

If moving a class partly online works, then why not offer the choice? Schools, teachers and students all benefit from the flexibility. Classroom space can serve more students and additional purposes. Teachers can reach a greater number of students, who can structure their coursework around jobs, family and social life.

Removing the instructor and classroom completely has its problems. Online students must be strongly self-motivated. Without a peer group present, students can easily procrastinate or quit altogether. Attending face-to-face classes at least occasionally puts students in a supportive and competitive environment that encourages learning.

Strictly online students are often surrounded by distractions. The off-campus environment can be non-conducive to learning. Contrastingly, being on campus around like-minded people is good for the brain. On all sides, students see the buildings, symbols and characters of education. Their goals and aspirations are always in front of them.

Hybrid classes can make a perfect balance. The presence of teachers and peers can keep students on target. The freedom to study online and review material at an individual pace creates a personal learning experience. The movement is underway. Both the instructors and instructed are choosing the benefits of hybrid learning.

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