Real Estate in Istanbul For Sale Savoring The Rich History

In the present modern and trendy parts of Istanbul, it would be erroneous to assume all traces of history and the former Constantinople empire have disappeared. If you are considering Istanbul real estate for sale and are an avid history buff, you must know about this city’s unique cultural heritage. Sultanahmet is one of the most historical parts of Istanbul and the meeting point of the Byzantine and Ottoman empires. It is well preserved in its glory so current as well as later generations can savor the magnificent buildings here from which important decisions shaping the world’s future took place.

A Rich History

Real estate in Istanbul for sale is the perfect choice for those who want a piece of the history. Although life seems pleasant, it is fast paced and cosmopolitan in this city as well. UNESCO’s world heritage site offers a cluster of landmarks taking folks through the timeline of Constantinople in a stunning flashback into history. Real estate Istanbul offers in these historic quarters take you back to the golden ages of previous empires.

Major Historical Sites

Real estate in Istanbul offers a wide variety of benefits. Affordable price and quality construction apart, you can savor the wonders of ancient times. Istanbul real estate for sale offers a peek into the wonders of ancient periods in Turkey’s rich and interesting historical past too, if it is located close to these major sites.

If you have just purchased Istanbul real estate, the first place to see is Topkapi Palace. This is the former home of Ottoman sultans and a mini city housing thousands of people. Enjoy the beauty of the palace and its kitchens, treasuries and massive war rooms. Located within close vicinity is the Hagia Sophia offering a beautiful experience for all. The Ottomans invaded Constantinople and turned this beautiful church into an elegant mosque. In modern times, it is counted among the most famous and renowned museums in Turkey.

Beauty of Istanbul

Directly opposite this is the Blue Mosque, dating to 1616 and dominating the skyline with 6 awesome minarets, 260 windows and as many as 20 thousand blue tiles. Just next to the Blue Mosque is the Hippodrome, which has a historical importance as the scene of the famed Nika riots. Other wonderful sites are the Gulhane park and the Istanbul Archaeological museum. Enjoy the pleasure and beauty of this richly detailed city. Istanbul is the perfect blend of tradition and modernity, European and Asian tastes and cultures. Make for an amazing quality of life by choosing this city as your home.

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