How To Gain Muscles With Exercises

Are you lean? And want to look muscular? Here is how you can gain muscles naturally. Gaining muscles is not a magic. A lot of hard work and discipline is required to get that awesome looking body. Muscles would build if you work that muscle more and more and eat good protein to help it develop. Diet and exercise always go hand in hand. Your results would be incomplete otherwise.

As far as diet is concerned to gain muscles, it has to be rich in protein, low on carbohydrates and fats. A protein diet may include egg whites, fish, dairy products, soya, pulses and legumes. Also you can have whey protein powders from good brands to increase your protein intake. Avoid steroids. With high protein diet you can follow below mentioned exercises to give you muscle gain body region wise.

Best Exercises For Muscle Gain

Gain Muscles on your Chest

Basic push ups exercises your chest muscles and repeating it till the muscle gives up is a way to gain muscle. You can also use dumbbells, barbells, and swiss balls to push your arms in and out to work your upper and lower chest. Pec deck and workout bench are the equipments you can use in the gym to work to gain muscles in the chest region.

Gain Muscles on your Shoulder

Shoulder muscle known as deltoids can be worked with pulling, pushing and raising motions. Like chest exercises you can use dumbbells, barbells, ball, gym machine to work your shoulder muscles.

There are various exercises using dumbbells like shoulder pressing- standing, sitting, lateral raising, front raising, bending over. Exercises on gym equipments include upright pull on low pulley, military press, pulling pulley while sitting and standing.

Gain Muscles on your Bicep

Bicep muscle strengthening would include exercising your upper arm. This muscle is mainly at when you curl your elbow and pull your arm towards your arm. This curling exercises can be done by using dumbbells, barbells and other weight training equipments in different positions like standing, seated.

Doing one arm at a time or alternating it. The number of counts per set can keep increasing with time for good bicep gain. Also resting your muscle after each set of working out is important.

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Gaining Muscle on your Tricep

Tricep is back of upper arm. Gaining muscles here you have to do exercise that have pushing motion, extending your elbow.

While working on tricep muscle, chest, shoulder inner forearm is also worked. Tricep extension using one hand, both hand , lying tricep extension, tricep bench press, inclined tricep extension, seated extension are some of the exercises that you do to develop your tricep with weights.

Muscle Gain for Legs

Weight training for lower part of the body-hips, thighs, buttocks, calves includes leg muscle exercises. Leg muscles are at work when you walk, jog, climb stairs, run, lift yourself from floor. When you use or exercise your leg muscles, you need help from back or abdominal muscles.

Running is one of the the best exercise for leg muscle gain or you can do squats using dumbbells, barbells, bands and balls. Gym equipments that help exercise your legs are leg extensions, leg curl, leg press, hip abduction and calf raise.

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