Five Essential Points Required To Learn Dolphin Fishing

Yeah….. That’s the Dolphin…..the perfect game fish, the prolific breeders. Are you interested in Dolphin fishing in the Bahamas? Well, it’s an exciting job .April, May and June is the best time for this. Are you learning to catch the Dolphins on your own? Well, if you are one of those people who are crazy in learning to catch the Dolphins on your own, below given are a few points that can help you.

Get Out Of Your Home Early

Dolphins usually feel hungry at the day break. And this is the reason why they are caught before the noon. So, if you start fishing before 12 noon you can easily catch them.

Bait Is Important

This is something important. You can cast baits when you find the Dolphins are attracted to the boat. While trolling for the fish, you will find that the Dolphins charges and strike the bait.

Fishing Tackle Should Be Proper

Make sure that one end of the wire should have a haywire twist and the other should have a hook attached to it. To catch a Dolphin a proper tackle is required and it depends on the size of the fish you wish to catch. Dolphins are of different size. They vary from 2 pounds to 8 pounds. Therefore, it is wise to bring a wide range of tackle size so that you can catch the fish easily.

Find The Dolphins

To find Dolphins you need to go to the deep waters. The most common reason why people do not find Dolphins is that they do not go far enough. So, it is usually recommended to go 4-5 miles at least to find the Dolphins. Keep an eye on the sea birds like sea gulls and frigate. These birds usually follow the larger fish and Most of the Dolphins are found under the birds


Dolphins love to chase after their food. Therefore trolling their food behind the boat will be the best way of catching up the fish. If the Dolphin do not strike the bait while you are trolling in a fast manner, then slow down a bit and let the bait to be sinked.

These are the top five points that can assist an individual in Dolphin fishing. If you are among those who have an interest in the Dolphin fishing, then Bahamas is the best place. In the Bahamas, you can find a large number of companies offering Dolphin Fishing Services to the people and Chubasco Charters is one of them. It is a reputed company that deals with these services.

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