Understanding The Significance Of Love

We usually call love a feeling and feelings cannot be understood by using your brains. You need to have a heart in order to feel the emotions and somebody’s love for you. It is definitely a gift that is fashioned to you by god. If you have someone in your life who loves you unconditionally then you can count yourself as the most blessed person on the earth. It makes us a better person, teaches us on how to be nice to others, keeps us happy and delighted all the time and much more. Also it makes you compassionate and giving. All in all, it is the feeling that will define you as a person you always wanted to be.

These days we see so many break ups and people who ruin their lives being in love with someone. So what is it that goes wrong that the most blessed feeling in their life becomes misery?

We think that everyone understands the meaning of love. However this is not true. Not every person has got the heart to feel how much someone depends upon you emotionally when they mercilessly break their heart. There can be many reasons on breaking up with your partner. It could be lack of understanding or building disrespect. In 80% of the relationship, sex turns out to be the biggest problem of break ups.

People are not so willing to understand the problems and leaving their partner looks like an easy way. But if you don’t know how to overcome your troubles then this goes with you for lifetime. Every day expectations break and disappointments cast their ugly shadow on your life.

Love should not be bound under restrictions or the pressure of expectations. This makes a relationship weak. In order to have a thriving relationship, below are the things that you need to do:

• You know the temperament of your partner, so it is suggested to keep quiet when he or she is having a bad day. So can discuss over things later but now is not the time to pick a fight.

• Make it a habit to send I love you quote to your partner every day. This must be done when you had a fight in the morning and you left for office with a pulled face. Love quote will help to sort 90% of your problems without you having to use your mouth to fix things.

• Never compel your girl for sex and don’t get into an argument when she is down. This could cause you unnecessary trouble so back off for those few days.

• Try and be extra nice to each other in bad days. This could be emotional breakdown of your partner or some work related stress. Just be calm, listen to them, avoid unwanted advice and soothe them.

Well these were some of the most common yet highly effective tips that will help you in making your relationship perfect. Consider your relationship a blessing and make every possible effort to keep it like that.

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