Should You or Should You Not Pop Your Pimples?

The goal for most individuals is a face that is smooth and clear. Unfortunately, despite everything a person does to keep the face clean, pimples, also sometimes called “zits” or “spots,” happen. For some, this is mainly a problem during those teen years. For others, the problem of pimples lasts far into the adult years. 

What Are They? 
Pimples are eruptions in the skin called pustules or simple blackheads, that happen due to overactive hair follicles. These eruptions are inflammations or lesions in the skin, which are unsightly and irritating. The condition is caused by bacteria infected oil glands that swell and, often, fill up with pus. While most think of pimples as erupting on the face, these irritating skin lesions also pop up on other areas of the body, such as the shoulders, chest and the back. 

Those Traditional Pimple Treatments 
Those unsightly eruptions cry out for elimination. Too often, those with pimples attack them immediately. The pimples are scratched, poked, squeezed and popped, or some combination, in order to remove them from the face. The goal is removal so the face will once again be smooth and clear. There is something about pimples that makes a person feel less than clean, though cleanliness and having pimples are not necessarily related. There are even some individuals who seem to derive pleasure from getting rid of pimples – theirs or yours. This is not a good idea. 

Unsanitary Conditions 
It is important to remember that opening up a pimple exposes a person to infection. There is more to removing pimples than using hands on the face. In fact, individuals with a pimple problem need to refrain from immediately attacking those black spots. Hands are not usually a sanitary instrument. Even as surgeons would not operate without washing and sanitizing their hands, as well as adding gloves, so those with pimples should not “operate” on their eruptions with hands that are not sanitary. 

Problems with Popping Pimples 
Squeezing and popping pimples can lead to infection and actually spread the problem, instead of getting rid of it. While one pimple is dealt with, the next day there are more, because the method – popping – caused more problems not fewer. Furthermore, anything under the nails of those unwashed hands can be introduced under the skin. This can cause all sorts of unintended consequences. When more effort than thought goes into removing those pimples by popping, scratching or squeezing, the skin at the site of the eruption can be damaged. Instead of the pimple simply being removed in order to leave the skin clear, the skin may be scratched or stretched or damaged either on a temporary or even permanent basis. 

Pain and Healing 
In some cases, popping pimples may actually cause pain. The amount of pain results from how the pimple is popped and how much infection there is within the pimple. Some think of engagements coming up and become desperate to remove those obvious spots on the face. They’ll do anything to remove them, and it is so easy to try to pop those black spots. The thing those with this condition need to realize is that those pimples are bacteria-laden and pustules are filled with infection. When they are popped or squeezed, damage is done. While a person may hope to get rid of pimples with this method before an important event, that individual may, instead, prolong the healing time. 

Pop or Not 
Pimples need serious consideration. While individuals can deal with a mild outbreak at home, they need to do so with consideration and by using sanitary practices. Otherwise visit a professional who uses safe pimple treatments. 


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