How Cringe Pop is Becoming the New Trend of Songs Online

A new genre in the online musicworld has slowly taken over. This trend now dominates most of the Indian social networking sites and their apps on your smartphones. And, without you realizing, you help to spread it across more and more indian social networking sites and online music stores. This is the genre of CringePop.

What is CringePop?

CringePop is a combination of two different words: Cringe (to shrink out of fear or distaste) and Pop (as in Pop songs).

You might already be familiar with the genre of the manylatest music songs that you hear. For e.g., rock, pop, hip-hop, jazz, classical music, etc. Similarly, CringePopis now in a league of its own.

These songs online spread like fire. And the video of such mp3 songs go viral for all the wrong reasons. This means their videos are so bad that you cannot stop watching them or playing them over.

What Makes CringePop Go Viral?

Some experts in India believe that the phenomenon of these mp3 songs going viral has taken speed with growing indian social networking sites. For instance, ‘Gangnam Style’ – a Korean track – became immensely popular in India on social media. Following which, Indians loved to see Pakistan’s Taher Shah (Eye to Eye), and then the country’s own creation – ‘DhinchakPooja’ (Selfie Maine).

People like to listen this genre of music online as they get sadistic pleasure from seeing the humiliation of other people. Their videos also become viral due to the counter-reaction to them and backlashes.

Other Elements behind their ‘success’ include:

1. Repetition –

American Rapper, Vanilla Ice’s number, ‘Ice Ice Baby’ was the first single to use constant repetition. This technique of repeating a catchy tune is used by most of the singers on any of the best social networking website in India.

2. Production Value

Mediocre production value for these songs online are an ironic advantage. Watching Tahir Shah in a purple robe with wings or seeing DhinchakPooja riding a stark red scooter annoys people. This makes them play this online music even more.

3. Lack of Content

Cringepop songs are a combo of mindless entertainment with singers engaged in a whimsical behaviour. Take for instance, the ‘invisible horse dance’ in Gangnam style. This makes them easily go viral on indian social networking sites.

Besides these factors, the spread of internet and easy availablilty of streaming sites on smartphones are also other contributors. The Cringepop genre is still in its nascent stage, and only time will tell how long this new trend of songs online will sustain.

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